The following screenshot shows a typical situation while working with myTracks:

  1. Track Library: In this area you manage your GPS tracks. New tracks will be imported automatically stored. You can rename the tracks and they can be structured in folders. If you quit myTracks and restart later, the track library will be restored. myTracks automatically handles the loading and saving of the individual tracks.
  2. Map: In this area a is map shown. If one or more tracks are selected in the track library, they will be displayed in the map. You can move and zoom the map as you like. There are different types of maps available.
  3. Photo, Track and Geocache Lists: In this area either a list of all photos, a list of all track points or a list with geocaches is displayed. You can use the buttons behind button (4) to specify which list is displayed. The first two lists always refer to the first track selected within the library. You can select one or more elements in the list. If track points are selected those part is shown in blue on the map. The part before is shown in green and the part behind is shown in red.
  4. Type of List: You select whether you want the list (3) to display the photos, the track points or the geocaches.
  5. Integrated Photo Presentation: A photo including the position is shown on the map if you select a photo in the photo list. You can change this behavior in the menu View.
  6. Track View: With this button a new window is opened or closed. In this window, the first selected track is shown either as elevation or speed profile.
  7. Photo Preview: With this button another window is opened or closed. This window displays the currently selected photo. The window can be used if the integrated photo presentation is too small or otherwise is a hindrance.
  8. Location Search: In this field you can enter the name of a place to get the map centered on this location. This feature requires an active internet connection.
  9. Lower Toolbar: Using the satellite icon you can download the GPS tracks from your GPS logger. The camera icon allows you to sync photos with the tracks of the tracks library. Using the minus icon, you can delete the selected tracks.
  10. Current Position: In this area, the latitude and longitude of the center of the map is shown.

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