iBlue 747 Bluetooth

On OS X 10.10 you can connect your iBlue 747 or blumax 4044 using Bluetooth. Here are the steps:

  • Open "System Preferences" of OS X and switch to "Bluetooth" pane:

  • Check whether Bluetooth is enabled
  • Switch on your GPS logger and make sure that Bluetooth is enabled. E.g. the switch of the blumax 4044 has to be set to "NAV".
  • Wait until the GPS device appears in the devices list. Then press "Pair":

  • Start myTracks
  • Open "Preferences" of myTracks
  • Switch to "GPS device" pane
  • Set "Type of connection" to "Direct communication with GPS device needed"
  • Set "Device type" to "mtk"
  • Set "Device" to "iBTAGPS-SPPslave" (or maybe a similar name)
  • Clear "Additional arguments":

  • Now try to load the data from the device

myTracks is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store:

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