Importing Routes from GPX files

GPX files can contain both recorded GPS tracks or planned routes. However, myTracks currently only supports recorded tracks. In case you want to import routes there is a workaround available:

Open myTracks preferences and switch to the "GPS Device" tab. Then please set the following properties:

Type of connection:

GPS device mounts itself as USB storage device

Device Type:

GPX File Format

Additional Arguments:

!"$APP_BUNDLE/gpsbabel" -i gpx -f $INPUTFILE -x transform,trk=rte -o gpx -F $GPX


It is important that you enter the additional arguments exactly as written here. Afterwards you can add this configuration as new logger configuration in the lower part of the configuration window. If you have more than one configuration these configurations will appear in the File menu for fast switching.

Afterwards you can select "Import from GPS logger" from the File menu or press cmd-g. A file dialog will appear where you have to select the GPX file. This will first convert the routes to tracks and will then import the tracks.

myTracks is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store:

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