myTracks 2.x vs. 3.x

The classic edition, i.e. the non-App-Store edition of myTracks, is only available as version 2.x and not as 3.x. Therefore I often get the question what the differences between these two versions are. There is one major difference: iCloud-Support. Apple only allows apps coming from Mac App Store to use iCloud. Other apps cannot use iCloud.

That means that the classic version and also the trial version of myTracks is not able to synchronize using iCloud. Therefore I decided to provide myTracks 3.0 and any further updates exclusively on Mac App Store. Apple does not provide a solution for the migration of classic licenses into Mac App Store licenses. Therefore you need to buy myTracks in Mac App Store in case you still have a classic license and want to stay up-to-date. I'm sorry for that and hope that you will continue being a happy myTracks user.