What happened to the OSM vector maps?

There are different map types in myTracks, the Apple maps, the OSM pixel map and the OSM vector map. In the past, myTracks used Telenav's paid service for the OSM vector map. However, this service has been discontinued and myTracks can no longer use it. Therefore, since the update to version 8, myTracks is using the MapLibre technology for the OSM vector data. The map data is no longer provided by a commercial provider, but I run my own server for this data. The new technology has resulted in many advantages, because much more information can be displayed. For example, myTracks now offers the option of displaying public transport routes, cycle routes and ski slopes. Overall, the map is much more detailed than the old map.

What about offline maps? The new map also offers offline maps again. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, country-specific offline maps can no longer be offered. Instead, the procedure is the same as with the pixel map. This means you select a section and can load the offline maps for it. These are then used automatically. Unfortunately, the previously loaded maps can no longer be used. This means you have to reload the offline maps.

But I paid for the maps! It is true that in the past you had to pay for the individual maps or map packages. The myTracks business model has changed in that there are no longer any individual purchases, only a premium subscription. However, if you have made at least one in-app purchase in the past, then you get the premium features for free. This means that even if you previously only bought an offline map for one country, you can now load any number of regions.

I hope that you will continue to enjoy myTracks even after this necessary reworking of the OSM vector map.

Dirk Stichling