You can use different kinds of maps with myTracks. But in some cases you may want to view the tracks using Google Earth. If you want to view the currently selected track in Google Earth please select View Track in Google Earth from the View menu. Google Earth will be started automatically and the track is shown. If you also want to see the locations of the photos please select View Track with Photos in Google Earth.

The following screencast shows how to display a track of myTracks in Google Earth:

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Besides the direct invocation of Google Earth you can also export different types of files which can be imported by Google Earth:

It is also possible to export KML files with Google Earth and import the tracks into myTracks. Nevertheless, these KML files do not contain any time stamps and cannot be used for geotagging.

The following screencast shows how to export a KML file with Google Earth and how to import it into myTracks:

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