One of the main features of myTracks is the organization of GPS tracks. Thus, the importing and handling of GPS tracks is explained next:

Import of tracks using the GPS Logger Assistant

myTracks provides an assistant for easy configuration of your GPS data logger. The assistant is started with the first start of myTracks. But it can also be started using the Preferences dialog as shown on the following screenshot:

As a first step please select your GPS logger from the list. You can filter the list by typing a part of the name of your logger. Then click Next.

On the following pages the assistant shows you step by step instructions for finalizing the configuration.

After configuring your GPS logger tracks can be imported easily. Just select Import from GPS Logger from the File menu. Or click the button with the satellite symbol in the lower left toolbar. The tracks will either be imported fully automatically or you have to specify the import file in case your GPS logger mounts itself such as a USB stick or you use a card reader.

The following screencast (no audio) shows how to configure a GPS logger and how to import the tracks to mytracks:
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Import of a GPX file

You can also import GPX files if your GPS logger is not supported by myTracks and you use another application to load the tracks. Select Import GPX from the menu File. You can also drag & drop GPX files to myTracks.

Time zone

The GPS satellites always transmit time stamp as UTC (Universal Time Coordinated, formerly GMT) times. That means that you have to set the time zone of the imported tracks manually after importing the tracks.

By default, myTracks sets the time zone of newly imported tracks to the time zone of the system. In most cases this is sufficient. If you still have to change the time zone please double-click the entry in column Time Zone. You can now specify the time zone, e.g. "-5h" or "+2h". This is shown in the following screenshot:

Organizing tracks

If you have added a lot of tracks you may want to organize them in some way. In myTracks you can create folders and subfolders to organize the tracks. Choose "New folder" from the file menu to create a new folder. Afterwards you can move the tracks into the folders using drag & drop. See the screenshot above for an example of folders with subfolders.


The following screencast (no audio) shows the aspects:

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