You can use myTracks in cooperation with Apple's Aperture. Especially with Aperture 3 this is interesting because Aperture 3 has the Places features which is capable of showing the positions of your photos on a map.

Aperture is not able to download tracks directly from GPS loggers. And even the geotagging of photos in Aperture is only elementary. But these are the strengths of myTracks.

First of all you have to load the plug-in. Afterwards please run the installer.

If you want to geotag your photos with myTracks please open Aperture and select the photos first. Then open the Export menu in Aperture and select myTracks. A small export window will appear. Click export and afterwards myTracks will appear and import the photos. You can either use the 1-click-geotagging or use the pool of photos.

myTracks will not update the Aperture database directly but you have to write the EXIF tags to your photos. Within the pool of photos you can do this by using the GeoTag buttons. If you use 1-click-geotagging you have to write the EXIF tags by clicking the red geotagging button below the list of photos (see screencast below).

After writing the GPS information to the photo files you can switch back to Aperture. Sometimes Aperture updates the GPS information automatically. If it does not please select Update from Master from Aperture's Metadata menu.

Note: The plugin works both with JPEG files and a lot of different RAW formats. But Aperture has some limitations concerning XMP files. Therefore myTracks always writes the GPS information into the photo files directly and does not use XMP files with Aperture.

The following screencast shows how to use the Aperture plugin. In this example the 1-click-geotagging was used. But you are free to also use the pool of photos.

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