You can upload your photos to flickr using myTracks. You can find a button flickr below the list of photos. If one or more photos are selected only these photos will be uploaded. Otherwise, all photos will be uploaded. If you click the flickr button a window will open where you can specify the typical flickr features such as title and access rights. You can also let myTracks create a new album or add the photos to an existing album.

myTracks always uploads JPEG files. If your original files have another format they will be converted automatically. You can decide whether you want to upload the files in the original size or whether you only want to upload scaled copies. If you provide JPEG files and use the original size myTracks will upload the original files and does not perform any conversion. This is important to know in the case you use flickr as a kind of backup.

If you start the upload for the first time myTracks has to be authorized as a valid application on the flickr servers. Therefore, myTracks automatically opens a flickr webpage where you can authorized myTracks. To do that, you have to login to your flickr account first.

The following screencast shows the details:

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