Since myTracks 2.2 there exists myTracks for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. There are two main workflows for this version:

Record GPS tracks

The iPhone and some versions of the iPad have an integrated GPS receiver and can be used as a GPS logger using my iOS app myTracks - The GPS-Logger.

Similar to the Mac OS X variant myTracks for the iPhone shows tracks and the current location on a map. The map is cached and can also be used without an active internet connection. Tap the action button in the map view to start a recording. Afterwards myTracks shows the current location using a blue pin and also the recorded track is shown on the map. During a recording you can add and name waypoints.

The recording will continue in the background, i.e. you can leave myTracks and can even lock your iPhone. The recording will continue and the number of recorded track points is shown at myTracks icon. When a recording is stopped the track will be stored in the track library on your iPhone.

The following screenshots show how to record tracks with myTracks:

You can change the accuracy of the track recording before starting recording or even while recording. There are two different settings as shown in the following screenshot:

  1. Quality: Here you can set the quality that is used for recording. Best means highest GPS accurary. The value Good is still using GPS but with less accuracy and less power consumption. If 100m or less is used the iPhone will not always use GPS but will use cellular or wireless networks for evaluation of the current location. This is less accurate but needs less power.
  2. Time interval: This is the minimum time interval used by myTracks between two consecutive track points. Especially on devices with M7 motion co-processor setting this value to two minutes or longer will help decreasing the power consumption while recording. On other devices this setting will not have that big influence on power consumption.

Copy recorded tracks to your Mac

In case you don't want to use iCloud synchronization there exists an alternative. You can synchronize the recorded tracks with myTracks on your Mac. Tap the button with the three dots and then switch to the synchronization tab, enter an arbitrary password and start the service:

Now start myTracks on your Mac. In the File menu select Synchronize with iOS device. Afterwards a window will appear with a list of all available iPhones. An iPhone will become available if it is in the same WLAN network as the Mac itself and if the synchronization service has been started before. There is no need to connect the iPhone using USB. The following screenshot shows the dialog:

Select your iPhone, enter the same password as on your iPhone and select the action Load tracks from device. Click Synchronize to import the tracks from the iPhone into your desktop library. This action will not only import the tracks but also the photos taken during track recording on the iPhone. The photos will be copied to the folder that is specified in the dialog (Photo folder location).

Copy desktop library to your iPhone

The second major feature is the synchronization of your desktop tracks including the photos and the bookmarks from your Mac to your iPhone. You can use this feature in case you don't want to use iCloud synchronization.

Due to the fact that storage space is limited on an iPhone myTracks does not copy all photos to the iPhone automatically. You have to mark the corresponding tracks manually. The photos are not copied in the original size but myTracks creates a scaled version of each photo. To mark a track open the Track Properties from the Tracks menu. Now check Sync photos. You can also set this flag directly in the track library view.

To start the synchronization select Synchronize with iOS Device from myTracks's File menu. As action please select Send tracks and photos to device. Depending on the number and size of your tracks and the number of photos to be copied this action can take some time. If you synchronize a second time the synchronization will be much faster because the photos aren't copied again. Besides the tracks and photos myTracks will also synchronize the bookmarks.

After a synchronization myTracks has added a folder Desktop Library to the track list. This folder contains all tracks of your Mac. Similar to the Mac variant of myTracks you can now display a track on the map. You can tap on the Photos icon and a list with all the photos will be shown. You can scroll through this list and tap single photo which is then shown in fullscreen. In this fullscreen mode you can scroll the photos by wiping the screen.


Sometimes the synchronization dialog on your Mac does not list your iPhone. In that case here are some hints:

  1. Try to restart your iPhone and then try again.
  2. Check whether iPhone and Mac are connected to the same wireless network.
  3. Check whether there is any firewall software installed on your Mac or whether your network router is blocking some ports. myTracks uses Apple's Bonjour technology for synchronization. There is an Apple support page listing well known TCP and UDP ports used by Apple software products. Have a look at the Bonjour related ports on that page.

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