You can use myTracks together with Adobe Lightroom to set up your geotagging workflow. myTracks does not provide any Plug-In for that but you can simply drag&drop your photo files from Lightroom onto myTracks. Using myTracks you do the geotagging by writing the GPS coordinates into the EXIF markers of the photo files. It is irrelevant whether you use the 1-click-geotagging or the Pool of Photos. In both cases it is important that you write the GPS coordinates back to the photo files.

If you have finished geotagging in myTracks you have to update the metadata in Lightroom. To do so you have to select the corresponding photos in Lightroom and then you have to select "..." from the menu. Now Lightroom reads the metadata that myTracks has written beforehand.

The following screencast shows an examplary workflow. The GUI in this screencast is in German but you will get the principal idea of the workflow.

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