You can manually geotag your photos with myTracks if you don't have a corresponding GPS track. In this case you also have to use the pool of photos. Therefore switch to the extended mode in the preferences dialog first. Now you can drag & drop the photos the myTracks's dock icon. The pool of photos is shown.

For the manual geotagging the map is used. Therefore, let myTracks show the center of the map: View - Show Center of Map. And switch off Center Map in the pool window.

Select the first photo and do not select any track in the track list. Now move the center of the map to the location of the selected photo and click Track in the line Center of Map. A new track will be created and the selected photo will be added to this track. Afterwards you have to move the map for the next photo, click Track, and so on. So finally you end up with a new track with all your photos.

If you don't want to create a new track but only want to geotag the photo files just click GeoTag instead of Track.

The following screencast shows the details:

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If you created a new track you also have to write back the EXIF tags to your photo files. To do so please click the red GeoTag icon below the list of photos.

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